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CenterPoint Consulting LLC



Our Approach


Our comprehensive portfolio of services is designed to aid attorneys with every stage of a case. Our subject matter experts can assist from start to finish. Most consultations begin with a brief case review to assess the veracity of the matter. This initial assessment determines the necessity of a full case review.

Following a full case review, our experts will identify and interpret the healthcare issues of your case. This review can screen the case for merit, identify points of concern and analyze the significance of key facts.  

Following the review and analyses of the case, we conduct any additional research that is required.

Upon completion of any remaining research, we conclude with our final recommendations. Final recommendations include any subjects that require additional expertise. We  locate and provide appropriate healthcare experts that match the nuances of your unique case. 

Throughout the entire process, CenterPoint ensures that evidence-based practices are utilized from start to finish.

Rapid Reviews are available for time sensitive cases.

Medical Expertise


CenterPoint Legal Nurse Consultants masterfully navigate electronic and paper medical records for you, deciphering the healthcare story for each case.  In addition to our in-house team, as members of  the National Alliance of Legal Nurse Consultants, we can also provide access to more than 4,000 healthcare experts with whom we associate.

When it comes to medical comprehension, we are the team you want on your side. Whether you are seeking a simple case screening, comprehensive report, or an expert witness;  call us today. 

Together we will create and refine a plan for success. We will partner with you to accurately interpret the healthcare system and its precise application to your case.  

Individual Services


Services Provided:

  • Free consultation
  • Case screening
  • Briefs and Comprehensive reports 
  • Chronological Timelines
  • Interrogatories
  • Location of Expert Witnesses
  • And more...

In the Areas of:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Criminal Defense
  • Toxic Tort